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10th Mountain Division Ski-In Daze to be held February 26 through March 3 in Leadville, CO. See details about this event and the latest news from our other Chapters by clicking on the link above.

Italia 1945-2020 POSTPONED

As everyone has probably guessed, we’ve decided to postpone the Italia 1945-2020 trip until June 2021. There is too much uncertainty and anxiety over everything going on for it to have been a successful and enjoyable trip this year. Additionally we do not want our friends in Europe to be planning for 200 visitors now or as they recover in the coming months. Right now our tentative plan is to simply move the itineraries to next year. That said, we will wait until August to decide for sure and to begin making definitive plans to avoid any false starts. Please note that Intertrav like most small businesses is currently closed until 8 April at the soonest. Once they reopen they will process refunds of everyone’s deposit less $100. If you made your air travel arrangements through them they will work with you on that. If you made your own please check with your airline to understand their policy right now. Our hope is that airlines will at least allow everyone to re-book within a defined period of time. We will endeavor to firm up plans well in advance of any cutoffs. We will provide additional information to those who registered for the trip via email going forward so please look for that in the coming days. For now just sit tight and as always, keep our friends in Europe, Italy in particular, and one another in your thoughts as we all power through this.

Sempre Avanti!

Italia 1945-2020 Planning Committee