ZOOM with the 10th

A monthly zoom presentation has been developed to share some aspect about the 10th Mountain Division and/or WWII to our members and anyone interested in the history of the 10th. The presentations are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month, from October 2022-May 2023 and will begin at 5 pm (Pacific time), 6 pm (Mountain time), 7 pm (Central time) and 8 pm (Eastern time). Registration is required and information will be sent via Constant Contact to our members as well as on our Facebook page. Registration is free. The schedule is listed below and we hope you will join us for Zoom with the 10th!

How to Research a 10th Mountain Division Soldier
Climbers of the 10th

ZOOM Call dates and topics:

  • Wednesday, October 26 – Keli Schmid “How to Research a 10th Mountain Division Soldier
  • Wednesday, November 9 – Christian Beckwith “The Climbers of the 10th
  • Wednesday, December 14 – Sepp Scanlin “The Modern 10th Mountain Division
  • Wednesday, January 11- Greg Kyle “WASPS of WWII
  • Wednesday, February 8 – Sepp Scanlin “The Riva Ridge Operation
  • Wednesday, March 8 – Dave Little “Uniforms of the 10th
  • Wednesday, April 12 – Chris Juergens “The Spring Offensive
  • Wednesday, May 10 – Dave Little “Where, Exactly, Did Grandpa Go