Italy Reunion Trip Update (April 2021)

The Italy trip committee along with our partners, InterTrav, and our friends in Italy, have confirmed plans to begin our “Main” trip in Florence on 4 June 2022.  For those travelers interested in our scheduled pre-trip to Paris and Normandy, this segment of the trip will begin with our arrival in Paris on 31 May 2022.

While progress in dealing with Covid-19 in the United States continues to improve daily, life in the 26 European Schengen countries is not the same, as vaccinations are not moving as rapidly.  Countries on our planned itinerary include France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany, all Schengen countries.  So, therefore, we will continue to follow the developments of these EU countries closely.    

At this time, however, our “team” will continue to work on the logistics, planned itinerary, people involved, hotels, restaurants, and communication channels.  We look forward to providing more updates soon.

The committee will continue to keep you posted on our website as well as Facebook®, Constant Contact® the Blizzard and other social media.


The Italy Trip Committee