K-12 Education Project Introduction

The 10th Mtn. Div. Desc. K-12Education Projectwas developed to help our younger members become “engaged” in the story of WWII as experienced by the 10th Mountain Division. Students will have the opportunity to complete an activity at each grade level which will help them better understand the significance of WWII and, in particular, the contributions and sacrifices made by the 10th Mtn. Div. Upon completion of each activity the student will receive an achievement certificate, a patch or medal and recognition in the Blizzard.

The storyof the 10th Mtn. Div. is one that must be remembered. It is the hope that by completing these activities, their legacy will continue.


Each grade has a page that contains a printable .pdf to send to us when the grade activity is finished. Some grade activities will have the opportunity to submit all answers online. Due to the work required on some activities, online submission of answers does not apply. It is also recommended that the .pdf version be read to assist with clarity of directions.

To send completed .pdf’s, scan and send to vrios913@aol.com or mail to:

Val Rios

6816 S. Maple Ave

Fresno, CA 93725


The Pre-K-12 Education Committee

  • Christine Thornton Corrigan
  • Meghann Finn
  • Stanton Mitrano
  • Val Rios