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Grade Level 12th

Finn-Thornton Descendant Scholarship

Background: Captain Frederick Finn was a soldier in the 10th Mountain Division who was KIA in Italy, 1945. At the time of his death he was married and had three children; Kathleen, John and Patricia. Patricia grew up not knowing her father but became very involved with the 10th Mountain Division Descendants as a way of honoring her father. Through her involvement with Descendants Inc., she was able to meet many veterans including a few who knew her father and were able to share stories about Captain Finn with her. In 2000, Patricia Thornton was elected President of the 10th Mountain Division Descendants and devoted many, many hours further developing the organization and mentoring a number of future officers including her sister Kathleen. She became ill and in 2014 lost her battle with cancer. At the time of her death the Descendant scholarship had only recently been developed and the Board of Directors approved renaming the scholarship to, 10th Mountain Division Descendants Finn-Thornton Scholarship as a way of giving tribute to both Patricia and her father. The $2500 scholarship is awarded to two graduating high school seniors.

It is hoped that in completing previous activities the student will have satisfied scholarship requirements and be well prepared for submitting a completed application.

Objective: to have high school seniors complete the application for the Finn-Thornton Scholarship

Directions: The application to the Finn-Thornton Scholarship can be found at

The student will submit the completed application to:

            Vrios913 @ or mail to:

            Val Rios

            6816 S. Maple Ave

            Fresno, CA 93725