Finn-Thornton Scholarship Fund

 In conjunction with the goals of 10th Mountain Division Descendants, Inc., two (2) $2,500 scholarships will be awarded, annually, to two (2) direct descendants of a 10th Mountain Division soldier, past (WWII) or present (10th LI). The applicant must be a member of the 10th Mountain Division Descendants Inc. The descendant recipients will have demonstrated meritorious service, exemplifying the ideals and values of the 10th Mountain Division, above all other descendantapplicants. A five to ten-pageresearch paper (APA or MLA style with bibliography) on the 10th Mountain Division, utilizing the rubric included below, is required. The scholarship will be awarded to the descendant entering his/her first year in an accredited institution of higher education.  The $2,500.00 will be paid directly to the designated institution by the 10th Mountain Division Descendants, Inc. 

Support: You can support the Finn-Thornton Scholarship Fund by sending your tax deductible donation to our Treasurer, Don Perkins, at

PO Box 398717

Miami Beach, FL 33239-8717

10th Mountain Division Foundation Scholarship Assistance Program 

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