Have you been trying to find information on a WWII 10th Mountain soldiers and not had much luck?  If you contact the Resource Center of the Denver Library, you will find a wealth of information.

The following ebooks contain documents that are a combat record of each Infantry Regiment for their time in combat in Italy in 1945. These documents were compiled at the end of the War, and are based on daily reports. Please select the regiment below to learn more: 

85th Mountain Infantry

86th Mountain Infantry

87th Mountain Infantry

The Tramway Builders – A Brief History of Company D

10th Mountain Division World War II Database.

In 1998, several 10th Mountain veterans agreed to work on a Database that would provide information on every man who served with the WWII 10th Mountain Division. Accomplishing this herculean task took five years and donations of over $40,000.   The team spent countless hours in the National Archives in St. Louis and the 10th Mountain Division Resource Center in Denver and even more hours reading Morning Reports completed during WWII by every company in the 10th Mountain Division and entering the names and information in database.

The  committee of ten worked under the chairmanship of John Imbrie (85-C) with  Ben Bush (85-K), John Duffy (86-HQ-2), Philip A. Lunday (126-D), Maurice Murphy (85-G), Richard Westin (85-A), Bill Gall (616-HQ), Marty Daneman (85-HQ-2), Art Marton (605-HQ), and Barbara Imbrie. 

The result is a Database of 32,213 records of men who served with the “Mountain Troops” from 1941-1945. While the entire Database is not available online, you can go to the link to discover a soldier’s Regiment or Battalion with which he served.The most important achievement of the Association’s Database project has been to obtain precise information on each of 999 men now listed in our Roll of Honor, including the date and place of each trooper’s death and the unit in which he was serving when killed.

For more information, please contact: 

Keli Schmid
Denver Public Library Resource Center
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