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Grade Level 9th or 10th

Movie Review (“A League of Their Own”)

Background: During WWII jobs normally filled by men now had to be filled by women. Not only were women now holding jobs traditionally held by men, but traditional women roles were also changing, some out of necessity while others out of equality. The movie, “A League of Their Own,” takes a look at these changing roles particularly in the area of sports. The movie takes place during the time period of WWII and gives a picture of society and its “battles” on the Homefront.

Objectives: 1) to identify and analyze the changing roles of women by viewing the movie, “A League of Their Own” 2) to recognize the contributions made by women during WWII and in today’s current Army

Directions:  View the movie “A League of Their Own” and then answer all the questions in their entirety. Answers should be in full sentences. 

The Title of your document should be “World War II on the Homefront” 

A League of Their Own Questions

  1. Why was there a need for professional women’s baseball during World War II?
  2. What is the “ideal” for the All-American girl baseball player?
  3. What did the league managers want from their players, in terms of traditional feminine qualities, appearance or behavior? 
  • Why did the league give this “guide” to its players?
  • Why does the Guide emphasize beauty and make-up?
  • Why do parts of this guide sound funny to us today?
  • Analyze the following scene: From Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna’s first appearance through the first league meeting: “Every girl in this league is going to be a lady.” What do you think is meant by this statement? Why are the women upset with the uniform? What is a “charm school”?
  • During WWII women served in their own branches of the military. What were the names of these all women military branches? 
  • Look up online  “Women and the WWII War Effort.” What were some of the ways women contributed to the war effort?
  • Today, women no longer serve in separate branches of the service but serve right alongside the men. Look up online “Women in the 10th Mountain Division.” and view a couple of the videos. What are some of your impressions from watching the video? 
  • Do you think women today should serve in their own branches of the military as they did during WWII? Why or why not?

Extension Assignment:

Write a journal entry about your definition of today’s “All American girl.” What does an

“All American girl” value in her life, and how does she go about meeting her goals? 

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