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Grade Level 5th



A timeline or chronology is a way of ordering events. For example, if you wanted to make a chronology of your family, you would begin with who was born first. Then, who was born second, third and so on. The chronology of my family would look like this:

1918 – Cruz Floriano Rios (my dad)

1920 – Lucy Esther Rios (my mom)

1952 – Valentine Rios (me)

1954 – David Rios (my brother)

1955 – Conrad Rios (my brother)

1958 – Marta Rios (my sister)

A chronology can be made for many things. In school you have probably seen a chronology of important dates for the history of our country or important dates for the history of the state where you live. A chronology can help us see and understand important events in the order when they happened.

Below is a chronology of the WWII 10th Mountain Division. It begins with 1940, the year in which an important member of the National Ski Patrol, Minot Dole, encouraged President Roosevelt to create a division of mountain soldiers. The chronology ends in 1945 when the division was inactivated, which is another way of saying the division was finished.

Objectives: 1) to introduce the student to the term chronology and how they are used. 2) to acquaint the student with a chronology of the WWII 10th Mountain Division. 3) to order selected events and pictures of the WWII 10th Mountain Division utilizing the chronology presented.


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  1. Make a chart showing the chronology of your family which will include their name and the year they were born. If you are able, include the name of the WWII 10th Mtn Div. soldier of your family and the year of birth.
  2. Below are 18 events from the chronology presented above. For each event there will be space on your “Online Answer Form” type in the date and year of the event. Then in the space provided, place the 18 events in the correct order of when they happened by writing the date and event.
  • 10th Mtn. Div. celebrates the war’s end.
  • 87th Mtn. Inf Regt is landed on Kiska Island.
  • Japan announces decision to surrender.
  • Camp Hale completed and opened.
  • German forces in Italy surrender.
  • Assaults on Riva Ridge and Mt. Belvedere -Mt della Torraccia Ridge.
  • Normandy landings.
  • 10th Mtn. Div. celebrates the war’s end.
  • Brig. Gen. George P. Hays assumes command of 10th Mtn Div.
  • Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; US enters World War II.  
  • The 10th Mtn Div. is inactivated.
  • Lake Garda; divisional conduct amphibious operations.
  • Spring Offensive to the northeast.
  • All 10th Mtn. Div. regiments are in or near the front. Small ski patrols are conducted over the next three weeks.
  • Camp Hale completed and opened.
  • March Offensive. The division consolidates its positions through the rest of March and into April.10th Lt. Div. departs Camp Hale and arrives at Camp Swift, TX.PO Valley operations.

3. Below are 13 pictures of 10th Mountain Division soldiers during WWII. Based on the description of the picture and the 10th Mtn. Div. Chronology listed above, which picture would have been taken first? Then put number 1 in the parenthesis below the picture. Which picture would have been taken second? Put number 2 in the parenthesis below the picture. Continue for the remaining pictures.

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