Dear 10 th Mountain Fellow Travelers,
As most of you know by now, our trip committee has decided to postpone the Italia 1945-2020 trip and reschedule for June of 2021. It is our hope that by rescheduling our Italy reunion to next June, much of the uncertainty and anxiety that exists today will be in the past. We believe we now have allowed ample time to reschedule an enjoyable and safe trip for everyone, including our hosts in Italy.

While postponing we also considered moving this trip to the Fall, however the committee felt that even if things were to clear up, Italy potentially will need months to recover. We also did not want our long-time friends in Italy to be burdened with thinking about or planning for 200 guests to visit this year.

How does this decision impact all of us ?
Where do we stand today? 

Our current approach is to reschedule this trip to June 2021. We are working with our hosts in Italy as well as our travel partner, InterTrav Corporation to determine if revisions need to be made to the itinerary for 2021.

The travel committee has set a deadline of August 1, 2020 to determine if a trip in June 2021 is viable. Assuming that is affirmative, the itinerary, all the facts, and options for you to choose from will be resent to you. With airlines changing their travel policies daily, we have decided, “a sit and wait approach” would be a better course of action through August 1st. There are too many variables currently.

During this time, and until approximately June 1, 2020, InterTrav Corporation will be closed. This move is to protect their employees and to follow all relevant state and local restrictions. Please do not attempt to reach InterTrav during this time. InterTrav, as other travel companies are “swamped” with emails and phone calls.


Expect to receive information by mail in a several weeks, requesting your confirmation to continue with trip plans for 2021, or to totally cancel your trip to Italy. Based upon your “confirmation” letter, InterTrav will determine the handling of “deposits” already made.

Those travelers registered for the 2020 trip to Italy will have the opportunity to register again for the 2021 trip when the revised plans are finalized. For those who elect to do so, InterTrav will credit $400 of the existing deposits to next year’s deposit.

Those electing not to do so at this time will receive $400 of their $500 deposit refunded as soon as possible. You must realize that our travel partner, InterTrav Corporation has already incurred expenses for the June 2020 trip that they will be unable to return. InterTrav will contact you in the event of any additional monies due you that you have prepaid.

Air Fares

If you made your air travel arrangements with InterTrav Corporation, they will work with you to resolve your specific situations. In some cases, Mark House is already working to secure traveler refunds from the airlines.

If you made your own arrangements, we suggest contacting your carrier to fully understand the airlines current policy on cancellations, refunds, etc. In most cases, this information may be found on their respective websites. As mentioned, airline policies seem to change daily as the pandemic escalates. As soon as possible, we will give you the new 2021 Italy itinerary and dates so you will have all the information required to re-book the air portion of this amazing tour. Our hope is that the airlines will offer to re-book for future travel without penalty if done within a defined period. For our part we will be sure to determine the dates for the 2021 trip well in advance of any cutoff imposed by the airlines.

For now, we request that you do not attempt to contact InterTrav Corporation. All efforts by InterTrav on behalf of our organization are being thought out and planned carefully in order to make a smooth transition to a new date, and a system for refunding of monies if necessary.

As many travel companies are experiencing a “nightmare” currently, time and patience are of the essence in order to create a smooth game plan. We will speak with you again soon.

In the meantime, stay healthy and happy!

The 10 th Mountain Division Descendants Italy Trip Committee



A lawyer colleague of TMDD past president Kate Raabe recently contacted her to explain that he is the trustee for a Foundation of a deceased client who left some funds to be distributed as charitable contributions.  One of the client’s interests was military history, and the trustee thinks his client would have enjoyed providing some funds for 10th descendants to help carry on the legacy of the 10thMountain Division. 

The trustee generously consented to providing $15,000 for descendants of WWII 10th and modern 10th veterans to assist in attending the 2020 Return to Italy Trip sponsored by the 10th Mt. Div. Descendants. A committee was then formed to: determine eligibility and selection process, develop registration form and application process, and develop a plan to disseminate the information. The resulting action plan was reviewed and approved by the TMDD EXCOM.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a current Member or Associate of the 10th Mt. Division Descendants Inc. or 10th Mt. Division Association.
  2. This must be their first time attending a Return to Italy trip sponsored by the 10th Association or 10th Descendants.,
  3. If under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. If school age must be minimally entering 7th grade, maximum age 35.
  5. Only one family member per WWII 10th veteran or modern 10th veteran is eligible to receive a grant.
  6. BOD members of the TMDD, 10th National Association or Tenth Foundation and their immediate family members are not eligible.
  7. Applicant agrees to writing a minimum 2 page reflection paper of their 2020 Return to Italy trip experience within one month upon their return and submitting to TMDD.  

Application and Selection Process:

            A separate grant-in-aide application will be included in the 2020 Return to Italy Trip registration packet mailed to all members of TMDD by InterTrav this fall. Simultaneously, an online version of the grant-in-aide application and Italy trip registration packet will be made available on the TMDD, Tenth Foundation and National Association web sites.

The grants will be awarded on a first come first served basis upon the return of the registration materials. Upon receiving the completed grant application and 2020 Return to Italy Trip registration forms, including deposit, InterTrav will then date stamp the application. The first fifteen who meet all of the above eligibility criteria will be selected. Upon selection InterTrav will determine the remainder due for the trip (minus $1000) and bill the individual/family.