Italy Trip Update

On behalf of the 10th Mountain Division Descendants, Inc., we would like to re-invite you to attend the slightly delayed Italia 1945-2020 trip. 2020 was to have been a special year as it was the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII. Our plan is to celebrate that anniversary in 2022 as we would have had COVID not forced us to postpone. We’ve arranged a pre-trip to Normandy to experience the invasion beaches and inland drop zones, as well a short visit to Paris. This will be followed by the main trip that will retrace the Division’s combat and post-war route through Italy and beyond. We will visit Tuscany, including the American Cemetery and Memorial near Florence to pay respect to the 326 10th Mountain Division soldiers interred there. It is a sobering experience that reminds us of the sacrifices made for our freedom. We then move on to the Hill Towns, Po Valley, Lake Garda, Slovenia, Austria and finish in Munich. We’ve included the post-war sites in the Main Trip in recognition of the Division’s complete role in Italy during the war. We recognize this may add time and expense that some may not want to incur. To accommodate everyone, there are options offered to structure a trip that suits their schedule. As always, Intertrav will work directly with anyone wishing to ‘bail out” at a specific juncture if necessary.